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UV-C technology is the most effective sanitization technology, proven to be 99.99% effective in killing the coronavirus!

Fighting the Coronavirus-2019 -
Developing the Most Effective Solution to Disinfect Public Indoor Spaces”

There is hope, because Avishkaaris are at work!

Read our complete research paper on the effectiveness of UV-C against Coronavirus

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Portable and contactless UV-C solution to sterilize every potential virus carrying object that you bring inside your homes.

Smart and autonomous UV-C enabled robot that can disinfect large spaces completely in 15 minutes.

Small and cost effective UV Rakshak solution for smaller office spaces.

A UV-C Product for all your Needs

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UV-C is the Most Safe and Efficient Technology for Indoor Sanitization

It leaves no harmful chemical in the room after sanitization and is safe to be used on absorbent materials like fabric, cardboard, PPE and even food and water!

It is autonomous and does not require human intervention to carry out disinfection. And with 360 exposure it ensures efficient and complete disinfection.

No Harmful Residual Effects 

Contactless 360 disinfection

Air conditioner friendly

No consumables involved

It can kill the virus in the air flowing through the air conditioning systems without making the air inside it toxic.

It is an extremely low-maintenance solution which does not require any chemical to be replenished. The UV-C lamps installed have a life of 9000 hours.

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Safe and reliable
Automatically detects a human close by using smart sensors and shuts down in presence of people.
Long-lasting battery 
A powerful onboard rechargeable battery allows sanitization of upto 12 rooms in a single.


A smart UV-C enabled robot that can disinfect a room completely in 15 minutes.
Easy to operate 
use the mobile app to move the bot around, turn it ON; and it’ll take care of the rest – you will be automatically notified through the app once the disinfection is complete.
Efficient sanitisation
Additional UV sensor helps you calculate actual disinfection progress and time, based on the distance from the bot.
Fastest way to disinfect your institution
completely sanitizes a space and all objects in it, within 15 minutes of UV-C exposure.


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Easy to use
Plug in to a power source, cover the object to be sanitised and press the initiation button. That's it!
Disinfection on the go
Long power cord also allows you to use the Kavach as a handheld solution to sanitise door knobs, furniture and other high contact surfaces.


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Safe and reliable
The sanitiser automatically shuts off when the top has not been properly enclosed.
Portable and contactless UV-C solution to 
sterilise every potential virus carrying 
object that you bring inside 
your home


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There is hope, because
Avishkaaris are at work!

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